Bamboo Hedges For Fence Screening

Bamboo Plants for Screening and Hedging

Bamboo is the perfect choice for a fast growing hedge as they are very dense and bushy. Many people think that bamboo hedges are hard to maintain. The bamboos that we use for hedging are all non-invasive clumping type. This means that your screening does not spread out under ground but stays growing in the same spot, so your hedge does not affect the neighbours or the rest of your yard but keeps you private. These Non-invasive clumping bamboo hedges come in all size and can be grown to suit your situation.

Bambusa Textilis Gracilis is the best of bamboos for hedges and bamboo screening

Bambusa Textilis Gracilis

hedging and sceening plants


Textilis Gracilis plants

Textilis Gracilis hedge

Textilis Gracilis garden

gracilis sydney

gracilis slender weaver

Bamboo Gracilis is the most popular garden/fence screening or hedging plant.

Bamboo Gracilis is the most popular and best screening or bamboo hedge plant. If the Gracilis is a clone of another gracilis plant and not grown from seed the plant will grow almost identical to the cloned plant. Beware when buying bamboo hedging from seed stock since the bamboo screening plant may grow significantly different to the plant that you expect. We sell all our bamboo hedges as clones so you get what you expect. Be informed when buying bamboos.

Click here to view Bamboo Gracilis for stock photos and plant to understand till what size they can grow.

Bambusa Nana for bamboo hedging and screening.

bambusa nana plants

Bambusa Nana

bambusa nana plants

A selection of Bamboos for hedging and screening

Chinese Dwarf plant

Bambusa Wamin plant



Gig lutro striata plant


Chinese Dwarf leaves

Bamboo screens in pots

The right Bamboos in large pots is a good mobile screen for you deck or around your swimming pool, move them to where you need them. Bambusa ventricosa Budda Belly, Bambusa ventricosa Kimie yellow Buddy Belly and Bambusa vulgaris wamin Buddy Belly are the best Bamboos to grow in pots. Other species will also grow in pots, but will need a lot of care. Please view my FAQs pages for tips on caring for your bamboos in pots.

bam vulgaris wamin hedge


Enjoy your bamboo hedge.