Thai Silk Bamboo (bambusa nana)

bamboo nana

Bamboo Plant Information:

This is the most beautiful erect hedging and screening bamboo in the world. Its foliage is soft and fern like and the leaves hang like silk and it is very upright in stature and the shoots are honey sweet to eat. You will find it all through Thailand and in every resort and many homes and every farm. This bamboo plant will be the most popular bamboo in Queensland in the near future. Its a good looker and sweet to eat. We can also customize nana plants to suit any situation so that they are a very low maintenance.

  • Average Height : 8m
  • Culm diametre : 50 cm's
  • Min Temp : 0
  • Price : $110.00, 200mm Pot, Bare Rooted or Rhizone, 300mm pots $220.00, 400mm pots $330.00

The first time I set my eyes on the beautiful Bambusa Nana was on the island of Koh Samui ( South Eastern Thailand ). There where three culms ( poles ) planted together in a small clay pot and cut off at 3 meters, it had formed a natural ball of soft silky leaves on top. This bamboo will Bring the beauty of Thailand to any garden.


This group of photos here are all good examples of how bambusa Nana is used to create privacy in urban areas of Lao or just to create a delightful feature. Bamubusa Nana is the best bamboo I know to bonsai to what ever size, shape, height you wish to create to solve that privacy problem. We can create at Bamboo Whitsunday privacy plants that will not grow into large clumps of bamboo. With just a little maintenance once a year. Put in your orders now to have a Bambusa Nana privacy plant created to suit your situation. Please contact me to discuss the customising of your plants.

You can have the beauty of Bambusa Nana (Thai silk bamboo) in your garden. We have for sale 200mm pots - $110, 300mm pots - $220, and 400mm pots $330. Customising of your privacy plants is free of charge.


This is Bambusa Nana variety (Phai Liang) in Thailand. They are 3 poles with rhizomes attached in a bag ready to be planted out for instant privacy screening. This type of low maintenance bamboo screening has a large future in the warmer humid areas of Australia.


Bambusa Nana Plants growing in open paddock with full sun often take on this form.
This plant is growing in northern Lao.


This is of Bamboo Nana in central Lao. An excellent example of the soft silky folage.


These 3 photos are of the Bambusa Nana variety Phai Liang Wan. In Malaysia commonly called honey bamboo ( Rebung Mudu ). They prefer this variety for shots because it is honey sweet to eat and there are no irritating hairs. This plant is not native to Malaysia it has been imported for many years as young plants from Lao and northern Thailand.

bambusa nana
This is a photo of a shoot of the most beautiful variety of Bambusa Nana in my garden. Identity is unknown.
This is a good example of the Quail gardens variety of Bambusa Nana.
This image is of Phai Liang Wan (Honey bamboo) no irritating hairs on this variety. Cultivated for its sweet shoots.

b-nana-quail-gardensA Bambusa Nana growing vigorously in a garden in Florida in rich organic soil. This is the Quail garden variety which has grown heavy hanging foliage.
nana-culm-plant The bamboo in this photo we believe to be Bambusa Nana variety Phai Wan.
nana-plantThis is the most popular variety of Bambusa Nana in central Lao.

bambusa-nana-shade-plantBambusa Nana is being used here to shade and cool concrete walkway in Kuala Lumpur. In a very energy efficient way.
This is a great use of Bambusa Nana as a shade plant in central Lao.
This is a variety of Bambusa Nana growing on border of Lao and China. We think it is the variety known as Phai Wan in Thailand.

This variation of Bambusa Nana was collected in far northern Thailand it is now growing is south east Queensland Australia.


This variegated variety of Bambusa Nana cv wiman thong (phai liang lai thong) It is growing in the garden of a man in Chiang Mai who collects variegated plants. A must have for any bamboo nutter.


The flowering and seeding of Bambusa Nana

Bambusa Nana has a life cycle of approximately 30 years when that time comes they go to flower and seed. If you want to collect the seeds you have to be quick because these bamboo seeds are very sweet to eat and many variety of insects lay there eggs in the forming seed and the pupae hatch out to eat the fully formed seed. Rats birds and any thing that moves loves to eat these seeds, they are the candy of the forest. Less than 2 % of the seeds will survive to be the next generation Bambusa Nana. There are possibly other variety's of Bambusa Nana that flower sporadically. Please contact bruce if you need more info on this delightful plant.

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