Bambusa Nana (Thai Silk)

bamboo nana


Bamboo Plant Information:

This is the most beautiful erect hedging and screening bamboo in the world. Its foliage is soft and fern like and the leaves hang like silk and it is very upright in stature and the shoots are honey sweet to eat. You will find it all through Thailand and in every resort and many homes and every farm. This bamboo plant will be the most popular bamboo in Queensland in the near future. It’s a good looker and sweet to eat. We can also customise nana plants to suit any situation so that they are a very low maintenance.

  • Average Height : 8m
  • Culm diametre : 50 cm’s
  • Min Temp : 0
  • Thai Silk Prices : 200mm pot $88.00; 20lt bag $110.00; 25lt bag $130.00;

The first time I set my eyes on the beautiful Bambusa Nana was on the island of Koh Samui ( South Eastern Thailand ). There where three culms ( poles ) planted together in a small clay pot and cut off at 3 meters, it had formed a natural ball of soft silky leaves on top. This bamboo will Bring the beauty of Thailand to any garden.

bambusa-nana bamboo



This group of photos here are all good examples of how Bambusa Nana is used to create privacy in urban areas of Lao or just to create a delightful feature. Bamubusa Nana is the best bamboo I know to bonsai to what ever size, shape, height you wish to create to solve that privacy problem. We can create at Bamboo Whitsunday privacy plants that will not grow into large clumps of bamboo. With just a little maintenance once a year. Put in your orders now to have a Bambusa Nana privacy plant created to suit your situation. Please contact me to discuss the customising of your plants.

This is of Bamboo Nana in central Lao. An excellent example of the soft silky foliage.

Bambusa Nana is being used here to shade and cool concrete walkway
in Kuala Lumpur. In a very energy efficient way.




The flowering and seeding of Bambusa Nana

Bambusa Nana has a life cycle of approximately 30 years when that time comes they go to flower and seed. If you want to collect the seeds you have to be quick because these bamboo seeds are very sweet to eat and many variety of insects lay there eggs in the forming seed and the pupae hatch out to eat the fully formed seed. Rats birds and any thing that moves loves to eat these seeds, they are the candy of the forest. Less than 2 % of the seeds will survive to be the next generation Bambusa Nana. There are possibly other variety’s of Bambusa Nana that flower sporadically. Please contact bruce if you need more info on this delightful plant.

Thai Silk Hedge

This image is a good example of a well-maintained Thai Silk hedge. It has been planted in a narrow, shallow bed to control its growth. This hedge is a typical low maintenance smart bamboo hedge.

Thai Silk Topiary

These bamboo topiary creations have been created with single sticks (culms), tied in a bunch and braced. So that they are all competing with each other for food and water to control the growth of this smart bamboo creation, planted in open ground.

Freshly Planted Thai Silk Smart Bamboo

What a smart way to create a bamboo screen. No need for heavy machinery to handle large clumps of bamboo. They are created with individual sticks (culms) and braced together on the site. They will bush up within a few months and look like full mature plant. You will end up with a smart bamboo screen that never grows to big, because each stick (culm) is competing as an individual plant. Let the bamboo do the work, do it the smart bamboo way.

Thai Silk Smart Bamboo Screen 6m Tall

Plant out in late spring or early summer and you will have total privacy in a few months. There is no cheaper or faster way to create a stunning 6-meter tall green screen that is within the local laws. Call the Bamboo Man on 0477 809 988 for a quote.

Thai Silk in 35L Bags 4M Tall $220.00 each

These smart bamboos are ready to plant out as an instant green screen. Good for covering up that ugly bit the week before your property goes to auction. It could make a big difference in the sale price.

Thai Silk Smart Bamboo Sticks (Culms) 2M Tall $110.00 each

These make a stunning two-meter tall soft green fence, or you can grow them on into a taller screen.

Thai Silk Smart Bamboo Sticks (Culms) 1M Tall $88.00 each

Plant out a plantation and maybe you will make some smart money.

Thai Silk Smart Bamboo 4M Tall Ready To Plant

These are three-week-old smart bamboo plants. Three sticks (culms) tied together to keep them more erect. This also makes each individual stick compete thus controlling the growth.

Thai Silk Foliage

The foliage of Thai Silk bamboo hangs like silk and will give your garden a very soft look. Small birds love this bamboo to nest and roost in overnight.

Thai Silk Foliage

The beautiful foliage of this bamboo forms in layers and gives a zen feeling to your garden.

Thai Silk Foliage

The white bands on the sticks (culms) of Thai Silk bamboo reflect light. So line your driveway with Thai Silk bamboo for a great lighting effect.