How to buy Gracilis Bamboo

How to Buy Gracilis Screening Bamboo Plants

Do you need to talk to a bamboo screening plant specialist about a solution to your privacy situation.

Call bambooman on 07 49 46 1790 or you can email me at with your inquiry.

Please if you need a quote for bamboo gracilis delivered to you door I need your delivery address.

If you would like to view photos of my gracilis bamboo plants(slender weavers) stock in pots click on gracilis bamboo stock photos.

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  1. How to order your Screening Bamboo
  2. How we ship your bamboos to any address in Australia
  3. How to plant Bamboo Gracilis as a Screen
  4. How Fast Will my Gracilis Bamboo Grow
  5. Maintaining Your Gracilis Bamboo Plants


Hedging and screening bamboo gracilis bambusa

How to order and pay for your Bamboo

You fill out a bamboo product order form and send. Then I will send you a invoice. Please pay the invoice with on line banking or direct deposit. The banking details are on the invoice. Then please send me a copy of the payment receipt. ONLY If you wish to pay by credit card, please use the Paypal feature. Then your bamboo screening plants will then be prepared for their trip and dispatched.

How we ship your bamboos to any address in Australia.

We use professional bamboo plant couriers who care. We dispatch bamboo screening plant orders to southern destinations ever Thursday. Delivery day to your address in Brisbane and SE QLD is every Monday or Tuesday. Delivery day to your address in Sydney is every Tuesday or Wednesday. We ship small plants with Fastways and buy post please email bruce for freight charges.

How to plant Bamboo Gracilis as a Screen


Step 1
Choose a full sun or partial shade situation. Gracilis will grow fastest in full sun. If planting in a heavy shaded situation use large plants.

Step 2
Put 90% of your effort into preparing the soil you are planting into. Bamboo Gracilis will grow in most soil types.

Or plant into a well prepared bed of well drained rich media. A bed 100cm wide x 40cm deep with adequate irrigation is a standard size used to grow a gracilis privacy screen. A bed 50cm wide will need to be deeper than 60cm to give the roots more room.

Plant your bamboos at 1 to 1.5 meter spacings to form a graceful erect bamboo screen.

Step 4
Feed them a slow release lawn fertilizer for rapid growth. Water them in well and mulch.

Step 5
If you are lost when it comes to gardening.


And give me as much information as you can about the area you wish to screen with bamboo. With images if possible and your address in oz and I will give you expert advice on how to get it right or call me on 0477809988.

Gracilis bamboo is the superior bamboo for screening. No other plant will grow a screen faster than bamboo.

How Fast Will my Gracilis Bamboo Grow

Bamboo gracilis(slender weavers) will grow fast in many situations and in most Australian environments. Even in a narrow bed up against a fence with only a few hour sunlight a day. They will still grow to height faster than any other plants.

If you want a bamboo gracilis privacy screen or hedge to grow at high speed. You plant in spring and put 90 percent of your effort into preparing the soil and plant in full sun and feed a slow release fertiliser high in nitrogen and irrigate and mulch well.

Need more info read our FAQ page here.

The more tropical your climate the bigger and faster they grow. Gracilis will grow at its fastest in Melbourne and Sydney from late spring to early autumn. In Brisbane the fast growing season is from early spring to late autumn.

Maintaining Your Gracilis Bamboo Screening Plants

Bamboo gracilis is a low-maintenance screening bamboo plant.

Pruning your bamboo screen to the height you wish is a once a year job. At the end of winter is the preferred time. You can also prune your bamboo at any time of the year if you need to.

For the most graceful erect fast growing screening plant with no pest problems choose bambusa textiles gracilis (slender weavers) a noninvasive sub tropical bamboo that can tolerate -12C