Wholesale bamboo supplier

Bamboo plants for landscaping, privacy screens, hedges, windbreaks, shoots, timber, mulch, soil stabilisation and erosion control. Located at Kempsy NSW.

Red Cloud Bamboo

It supply a wide variety of high quality bamboos plants to nurseries, landscapers and home gardeners around Melbourne, Australia. Wholesale bamboo sales and retail bamboos sales.


Bamboo Web

From the Species Source list you can search for bamboos based on size and hardiness then view pictures of the bamboo and find the Sources that have that bamboo. You can also search for pictures of bamboo at the Plant picture page and enter pictures at the Picture Entry page.


Bamboo Nut

Welcome to the Bamboo Nut Company homepage. If you are a bamboo nut, then you found the right page. In the future, you can find the following at this site: * Bamboo plants * Bamboo poles * Bamboo shoots * Bamboo arts and crafts * Links to more information on bamboo