Bamboo Pole Products

Bamboo Pole Products

Bamboo Whitsunday can supply a limited number of Bamboo Poles in many colours and patterns. Some are solid, useful for tools, handles and furniture.

Thin walled culms for weaving or flattening.
Thick walled culms the uses are many.
I can cut to order for green timber.

I have cured bamboo poles which I can split or flatten to order.
Make an appointment or browse this website to see the many colors, patterns and uses.

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Bamboos Treatment

Bamboo timber can be treated with Borax using the Vertical Soak Diffusion Method. In the near future I will be setup to treat bamboo. This keeps any bamboo eating bugs out of the timber.

Some species are well known to be bug resistant.

Document describing the Vertical Soak Treatment Method can be viewed here –> Bamboo treatment 


Bambusa Maculata – Pring Tutul

This very decrotive bamboo is often flatten or split. It is used in furniture with other bamboos to break up the colours. Looks great where you need the turtle shell look.


Bambusa Lako

Comes in many shades of brown with dark tan to lite tan and with darker bands. Also has patches of drift wood grey. Often flattened and woven into wall panels.

bam-lako1 bam-lako2 bam-lako

Dendrocalmus Asper Black

This large timber  can be used to build structures and large pieces of furniture or make a nice set of vases. Its many uses are endless.

den-black-asper den-black-asper

Gigantachloa Atroviolacia – Java Black

This outstanding bamboo is much prised in indonesia for making musical instruments and furniture This bamboo is resistant to powder post bettle attack. If harvested at the right age and time of year. One of the worlds most valued timber bamboos.

black bamboo pole

The bleached and aged bamboo

The bleached and aged bamboo is aged and sunbleached in the clump.
There is no artifcial bleaching. We do not use any chemicals for the process of bleaching the bamboos.


Flattened Bamboo

Most species of Bamboo can be flattend. The uses are many. Weave into large or small panels or fix them as they are to any surface.

pring-tutul-flat flat bam

Click Here for Bamboo Pole Price List (PDF)