BAMBOO PRIVACY Gracilis Slender Weavers

This superior fast growing hedging and screening Bamboo will give you privacy and peace of mind in no time.
We ship quality Bamboo plants to Sydney and Brisbane and all over Oz. Every week.

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Photo by Robin Powell
Landscaping by Art in Green Sydney

PEACE OF MIND Gracilis Slender Weavers

Why is Slender Weaves Bamboo the best Bamboo for privacy? It is fast growing erect and graceful. Has no pest problems and no irritating shoot hairs and tolerates extreams of weather.

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"Hi Bambooman, Thanks for your expert advice and promt service." John Blogs
TRANQUILITY Gracilis Slender Weavers

Can be used in any many situations to create the peacefull or the graceful look and will give height to your garden.

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"Hi Bambooman, the gracilis bamboo we purchase last spring has grown faster than our lawn. Our privacy problems are solved. Thank so much. Cheers" Tom Smith

Great Bamboo for hedging to 4 meters, tolerates extreams of weather.

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"Hi Bambooman, You must love your work. The Bamboo you supplied us with are so big and beautiful. Thanks." Mary Lou

The most beautiful and usefull of all the black bamboo varieties. Often used for making wedding Arbours for Ozy beach weddings.

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"Hi Bambooman, Thanks for suppling us with such strait and clean black poles. The wedding Arbour looked stunning on the white sand. We will send you the photos. " Sandra Barr
ELEGANCE Blue Bamboo

A stunning mystical bamboo. Also called Emperor's Blue Bamboo or White Bamboo.

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"Hi Bambooman, The blue bamboos arrived today, looking so fresh and healthy after two days in transit, Thanks so much." Mark Musset

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Bambusa Nana

This Graceful Bamboo will bring the beauty of a Thai garden into your private outdoor space. Read more

Looking for elegant, smart hedging and screening solutions in Australia? You have come to the right place. Bamboo Whitsunday specialises in supplying high grade clumping bamboo plants like bambusa textilis gracilis at attractive wholesale prices. Depending on your requirement you can choose bamboo in pots or bamboo poles. You are sure to get spoilt for choices as there are over 100 species of bamboo for sale.

Go ahead and check out our website to know more about the world of bamboo! For more information about bamboo plants for sale in Sydney and Brisbane area, feel free to call us at 07494 61790.

Best Screening Bamboos

Why use bamboo for hedging and screening ?

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Popular Bamboo plants

These superior landscaping bamboos are...

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Gracilis SW
Stock Photos

We supply only quality bamboo plants to...

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