About our Bamboo Nursery

We specialise in growing and supplying at wholesale prices the most popular clumping bamboo plants for hedging and screening. We also have bamboo poles for sale in many colours and sizes. Our poles are often used to create bamboo wedding arbours. We can also supply most of the non-invasive bamboo variety’s you will find growing in Australia. We have over 100 species of bamboo growing in our mature garden.

We have been growing and selling bamboo plants and poles for 20 years. We take pride in growing and selling only quality plants and poles and also making bamboo creations to order.

Our location

Our bamboo garden and nursery is located in the whitsundays in central queensland.

Where the bamboos grow fast and strong. We can supply healthy gracilis bamboo to Sydney and Brisbane all year round. For info on our address and how to get here go to my contacts page.

Visits to the garden are by appointment only.

Our garden design and principles

We are an eco friendly permaculture designed garden and Bamboo nursery. We use no pesticides or herbicides on our potted plants or in the 2 hectares of garden. For pest control and to turn the leaf litter we have over 100 Malay game chickens free ranging in the garden. Malay games are very quite birds. They can grow to almost 1 meter tall and 6 ½ Kilos in weight. The world’s largest chicken. We also use stable manure to mulch and feed our inground plants.

Bamboo is our passion

We are very passionate about our bamboo lifestyle here at bamboo whitsunday. We grow quality bambusa textilis gracilis (slender weavers) for hedging and screening for Sydney and Brisbane markets. Also growing 3 variety’s of bambusa nana (Thai silk bamboo) which has a big future as the superior bamboo for hedging and screening in subtropical and tropical zones in Australia. They also produce very sweet edible shoots. If you want to bring the beauty of a Thailand into your garden this is the one to have as a privacy screen or a stand alone ornamental.

Cultivating new bamboo variety’s

We also grow from the seeds of superior bamboos new cultivar’s by the thousands in hope of cultivating that new variety of bamboo that will have a future as a small erect hedging and screening bamboo for Sydney and Brisbane customers with privacy problems. We also have cross pollinated by hand some species of bamboo and cultivate some true bamboo hybrid’s. we will be releasing our new variety’s once we get the numbers up and they have shown there true form. Most of our new bamboo variety’s are over 9 years old and showing their true form and tolerance to the elements read more.

Want to learn adout the many uses of bamboo.

You can volunteer to be a helper here at bamboo whitsunday. And live and learn in a bamboo garden. Helpx is a online service that connects travellers with hosts in many country’s. Helpers are feed good fresh food and accommodated in return for 25 hour help a week.