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Prices are for plants in 200mm pots and 20Lt bags or Rhizone or Bare Rooted. Prices for plant in 45Lt, 100Lt abd 400Lt Bags and x Ground are available on request. Prices subject to change without notice
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Common Name



Typical Height


Typical Culm Diameter


Price(includes GST)$AU 


Bambusa ChungiiBlue Bamboo
stunning, mystical bamboo. Thin-walled culms are covered with persistent, dense white bloom, giving them a pale blue appearance. Also called Emperor's Blue Bamboo & White Bamboo
10m x 6cm-4°C$33.00
Bambusa DolichomerithallaA stunning ornamentalwith dark green straitions.10m x 5cm-2°C$44.00
Bambusa Eutuldoides
variation Viridi Vittata
China Gold
Very erect. Yellow with green strialed culms and leaves.makes a very colourfull privacy screen or hedge fills in a narrow bed fast20lt bags $66.00
6m x 4cm-9°C$33.00
Bambusa GuangxiensisChinese Dwarf5m x 0cm0°C$22.00
Bambusa Heterostachya variegatedMalay Dwarf
This Bamboo is a very dense and bushy Bamboo. Is pale pastel green in colour with white varigations. This Bamboo is the most popular hedging and screening Bamboo in Queensland. It is drout tolerant once established. This plant is very easily trimmed as a hedge. 20lt bags $55.00
3m x 2cm-2°C$22.00
Bambusa Lako Blacktimor black
Popular ornamental. With Black to purple culms. Very erect. very well known attractive bamboo. makes a beautiful hanging foliage screen. buy cutting the top half of the plant off. the timber is of low density and makes a good fence that does not split
15m x 10cm-2°C$22.00
Bambusa LingniaRemotiflora
Open clumping when mature.Beautiful purple shoots when mature.Very useful timber.Good bamboo to control erosion on your land. nice dropping foliage.
10m x 6cm-6°C$33.00
Bambusa LuteostriataSouth Kalimantan
A beautiful garden bamboo. Tight clumping with weeping culms. White striated leaves. Makes a very lush tropical screen or hedge .New shoots are purple and white and green. When planted out by its self it forms a mushroom shape clump. A winner
7m x 3cm0°C$22.00
Bambusa MaculataPring Tutul
A must for furniture makers.A very decorative timber bamboo with dark pattern culms when cured.
20m x 12cm0°C$33.00
Bambusa MultiplexesGold stripe5m x 12cm-12°C$33.00
Bambusa NanaThai Silk Bamboo8m x 50cm0°C$110.00
Bambusa OldhamiiOldhams Bamboo, Giant Timber Bamboo.
The most common subtropical timber bamboo. Grows in a columnar form with nodding culm tips. The culms have very thick walls. One of the most drought tolerant bamboos. Used as a windbreak in New Zealand. The new shoots are excellent for cooking.
18m x 10cm-9°C$22.00
Bambusa OliverianaWapgusan
Excellent for hedging and screening. With strong upright culms and the most soft feather like foliage beautiful long leaves with many layers. This bamboo is my favorite. The poles make good tool handles
18m x 5cm0°C$33.00
Bambusa PolymorphaBengal Bamboo
Very high tensile strength timber bamboo. Beautiful medium sized ornamental bamboo.
15m x 5cm5°C$33.00
Bambusa TextilisWeavers Bamboo
A highly ornamental subtropical clumping bamboo. The tops of the culms arch dramatically in the skyline.The fibrous wood is woven into baskets, mats and other usefull items.Drought tolerant.
12m x 4cm-12°C$33.00
Bambusa Textilis variation FuscaGood hedging and privacy screenig bamboo usefull timber for weaving.Often sold as gracilis.10m x 3cm-12°C$33.00
Bambusa Textilis variation GlabraSmooth Weavers Bamboo
Excellent quality weaving splits easily. Good hedging bamboo.
10m x 5cm-12°C$33.00
Bambusa Textilis variation GracilisSlender Weavers Bamboo
Gracilis bamboo is the most popular and the best bamboo hedge. Bambusa textilis Gracilis also know as Slender Weavers Bamboo or just Gracilis bamboo.Gracilis bamboo is the best for screening in a narrow bed. It is very erect and gracefull and has lush green folige and is very tight clumping.Gracilis bamboo has the classic bamboo look. it tolerates temperatures as low as -12c and will grow in most environments Australian wide.buy gracilis bamboo in 20lt bags 3 to 4 meters tall for the instant bamboo screen $99.00Prices in4lt bags or pots $44.005lt bags or pots $55.00250mm pots $66.00300mm pots $77.0020lt bags $99.0045lt bags $165.00GST inclusiveGracilis Stock Photos Click Here
6m x 2cm-12°C$44.00
Bambusa TuldaCalcutta Cane, Bengal Bamboo
Is mainly used by the Indian paper pulping industry. It is also used for furniture, making baskets and reinforcing concrete. This type of bamboo is used to make a sacred flute called the ELOO.It is also used for fishing rods. It is one of the most useful species of Bambusa. Solid bamboo.
25m x 8cm-2°C$33.00
Bambusa VentricosaBuddhas Belly Bamboo
Grown under most healthful plant conditions it becomes a medium timber type bamboo with zigzag culms at the base. Grown under austere bonsai conditions the crowded culms become swollen in the internodes; reminding a person of Buddha's belly. Drought Tolerant. Great potted bamboo.makes a good dry land hedge.good forage for cattle and horses.
17m x 10cm-9°C$22.00
Bambusa Ventricosa KimmeiKimmei Buddhas Bell
Same as the green form except the culms are yellow green striped with darker green. Variegated leaves. Drought tolerant. Great potted bamboo. makes a good privacy screen on a dry hill side needs very little water to grow
16m x 10cm-9°C$33.00
Bambusa Vulgaris VittaGreen Stripe Bamboo
An often used large tropical bamboo with abundant green stripes on the yellow culms. The bamboo most used for interiorscaping. Drought Tolerant.
20m x 10cm-6°C$33.00
Bambusa Vulgaris WaminGiant Buddhas Belly
Giant Buddhas BellyPopular ornamental. Drought tolerant. Needs to be stressed for best Buddha's bellys. Great potted bamboo.you can easily dig up single culms and plant them in a very narrow bed and over lap the fanning branches to make a privacy screen only 300mm wide.20ltbags $55.00
6m x 10cm-5°C$22.00
Bambusa Vulgaris Wamin striatedstriated budda belly50m x 80cm-4°C$33.00
Cephalostachym PergracileTinwa Bamboo
This bamboo makes an impression in the landscape very ornamental and very usefull.the most popular bamboo culm for cooking your sticky rice in.Adds a unique flavor to the rice.
12m x 5cm4°C$33.00
Dendrocalamus Asper BETUNG (indonesia)Green Asper
An attractive timber bamboo of the largest proportions. Excellent shoot quality. Fast growing in warm zone.
30m x 30cm-3°C$33.00
Dendrocalamus Asper HitamBlack Asper
An attractive timber bamboo of the largest proportions. Excellent shoot quality. Fast growing in warmest zone. Stunning large ornamental.good for construction or for making large pieces of furniture.
30m x 30cm-2°C$33.00
Dendrocalamus Brandisii - Green ThaiPai Bongyai
One of the tallest bamboos around with edible shoots.
30m x 20cm-4°C$33.00
Dendrocalamus Brandisii var. BlackSame as Dendrocalamus Brandisii but black variation exceptional for price. Very decorative and very useful.The poles of this bamboo when cured are are veryconsistent milk chocolate brown colour. great for large furniture makeing15m x 10cm-4°C$33.00
Dendrocalamus GiganteusBucket Bamboo
Immense tropical bamboo. Slower growing than other large species.Good quality timber this variety is seeding.
30m x 30cm-2°C$0.00
Dendrocalamus LatiflorusTaiwan Giant Bamboo
This large tropical giant is one of the mainstays of the bamboo shoot canneries in south china.The big wide leaves and lush green culms present a plant of tropical spender. Edible shoots mmm.
25m x 20cm-4°C$33.00
Dendrocalamus MaroochyMaroochy Bamboo
Beautiful large leafed bamboo that is an excellent shoot producer. If you want shoots and large leafs this is your bamboo.Good Timber bamboo also.
25m x 20cm-4°C$33.00
Dendrocalamus Minornew ornamental variety'sSeedlings will be for sale in the near future. My mother plant has self pollinated because I only have one clone of this species in my garden. There will be many variations in colour shape and size. some of these seedlings will be big winners.photos of the new variety's will be up soon.they are now 5 years old and showing there true forms10m x 5cm-6°C$550.00
Dendrocalamus Minor AmoenusWhite Bamboo or Ghost Bamboo
A much prized ornamental bamboo plant from southern china. Looks great in parklands.Makes a stunning privacy screen will grow as far south as Tasmania.Very sweet shoots to eat.One of the most popular medium sized bamboos 20lt bags $66.00.
10m x 5cm-6°C$33.00
Dendrocalamus SikkimensisStands out in the landscape. With orange coloured culms. Slow growing. Makes an excellent timber.20m x 20cm-2°C$0.00
Gigantochloa AlbocilataPai Ruak
Green culms with white stripes and arching tops reaching to the ground. Good tasting. A favorite of the hill tribes of Thailand. A small/medium sized shoot. Exported commercially from Thailand to Japan. Great for furniture and is a weeping ornamental.
10m x 16cm0°C$33.00
Gigantochloa Apus Pring TaliTabasheer Bamboo
'Tali' means string which can be split from the young culms and has suppleness of leather. The most important construction species in Indonesia, strong and durable. Used for furniture excellent timber. A praised bamboo that is also pest resistant.
20m x 10cm-2°C$33.00
Gigantochloa Atroviolacea
variation Black Striations on Green
Same as Atroviolacea. A fast growing bamboo. however colors are reversed.Good for making classy furniture16m x 10cm-2°C$33.00
Gigantochloa AtroviolaceaJava Black Bamboo
This magnificent very erect sooty black culmed bamboo which retains its black colouring after harvesting, is much valued for furniture and musical instrument making in Java.The balck bamboo plant culms, sometimes with light coloured stripes, are exposed and leafless for some metres then capped with dense downward pointing leaves. The dark hair covered shoot is edible. Very nice ornamental black bamboo for park lands or tropical resorts.
16m x 10cm-2°C$44.00
Gigantochloa Awi TeminGood timber. Erect green culms with cream stripes.18m x 12cm-2°C$33.00
Gigantochloa Hitam HijauHitam Hijau means black and green. Resembling G. Apus however smaller.7m x 4cm-2°C$33.00
Gigantochloa ManggogThis quite rare, has large leaves and a branch free lower section. A beautiful timber bamboo.10m x 7cm0°C$33.00
Gigantochloa MaximaCulms highly variegated with cream colored stripes. Edible shoots and good timber. Stands out in landscape.30m x 15cm-2°C$33.00
Gigantochloa NigrociliataBlack Hair Bamboo, Black-fringed giant grass
A beautiful garden bamboo with dark green shoots and large cream striped leaves. Tight clumping with weeping culms.
5m x 3cm0°C$33.00
Gigantochloa Pring LegiSimilar to Gigantochloa Atter with broad yellow striations on first 2 metres of culm. Very usefull and attractive.25m x 10cm0°C$33.00
Gigantochloa Rachel CarsonA straight, large leafed bamboo with cream/pink striated culms.A beautiful plant with edible shoots and good timber.10m x 6cm25°C$22.00
Gigantochloa RobustaLarge, erect, and strong. From Java and Sumatra. Used for pipes, construction, handicrafts, shoots.Yellow stripes near base. Large leafed. Used as activated Charcoal.20m x 10cm0°C$33.00
Gigantochloa WrayiiLong internodes; used for basket making in Malaysia. Culms erect, slightly arching outwards.6m x 5cm-1°C$33.00
Guadua AngustifoliaColumbian Thorny Bamboo
Considered the best large timber bamboo in the world. Very open clumping. Nasty thorns. Must have for the bamboo nutter.
25m x 15cm-2°C$33.00
Guadua Angustifolia Lesser ThornyThornless
There are four thornless Guaduas, this is one of them.Open clumping.New on the block.
18m x 12cm0°C$33.00
Guadua Angustifolia variation Bicolor, Yellow StripesSame as Angustifolia. Very impressive ornamental.Also yellow stripes right to top of culms.25m x 15cm0°C$33.00
Guadua Paniculata8m x 5cm-2°C$33.00
Nastus ElatusNew Guinea Edible Bamboo
The weeping willow of bamboos. Pendulus tips droop all the way to the ground. Shoots can be eaten raw. Beautiful erect ornamental bamboo.
16m x 10cm-1°C$33.00
Otatea Acuminato AztecorumMexican Weeping Bamboo
An interesting bamboo from mexico with a full bodied habit and long narrow drooping leaves. It has a weeping form and light green color. Also drought tolerant.
6m x 3cm-9°C$33.00
Schizostachyum Brachycladum
var. Green with Yellow Striations
A new variation with exceptional Yellow striations.15m x 7cm3°C$33.00
Schizostachyum Brachycladum YellowSacred Bali Bamboo
An exceptionally beautiful, buttery-yellow culm with occasional green stripes, complimented with large, dark green leaves that have occasional yellow stripes makes this one of nature's best bamboo creations.
15m x 7cm3°C$33.00
Schizostachyum JaculansBlowpipe Bamboo
Ornamental bamboo that is erect, straight culms with drooping tips.Internodes can be over 3 ft long.
8m x 3cm4°C$33.00
Schizostachyum LimaSumbiling
Known used as drinking straw especially when drinking the local rice wine(tapai).Also used for framework in thatching and basketry.
15m x 7cm4°C$33.00
Schizostachyum Murray IslandBranchless lower half and tight clumping. Beautiful small ornamental.6m x 2cm3°C$33.00
Schizostachyum ZollingeriAn attractive species used to produce high quality woven products such as wall panels, floors, screens, mats lamps, baskets.Very useful timber with edible shoots.8m x 3cm3°C$33.00
Thyrostachys SiamensisMonastery Bamboo
Very erect tight clumping useful ornamental bamboo. Very solid culms.
13m x 6cm-4°C$33.00
Thysanoleana MaximaTigergrass
Very large leaves. Makes a beautiful hedge.
3m x 1cm3°C$22.00


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All ground dug plants are stabilised for 4 to 6 weeks before delivery date. I can Email you photos on request or make an appointment to view the bamboos at Bamboo Whitsunday. Plants can also be pruned and sculptured to suit your landscape design.

The applications are endless. We keep limited stock of plants in 25lt, 45 lt and 100lt bags due to there fast growth rates. We can supply ground-dug plants during any season.  We find ground dug plants establish very fast. Pricing on ground dug plants and large baged plants.  Range from $100 to a few thousand depending on size and species. For the best quality no-invasive bamboo plants for sale in north QLD Australia email a purchase order with all your details.

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