Bamboo for Brisbane

Screening bamboo for Brisbane and SE Queensland

Are you searching for bamboo plants to grow as a privacy screen in south east Queensland?

The most popular bamboo in the greater Brisbane area is Gracilis bamboo [Slender Weavers Bamboo] a very tidy graceful erect bamboo. That looks stunning in all garden situations.

Malay Dwarf variegated is the best small bamboo for hedging in SE Queensland. Gold Stripe is a good screening bamboo for the Brisbane climate. This bamboo plant loves to be hedged to create the form you need.

All of these bamboos will look their best if grown in an environment that gets a little winter sun and full sun in the spring and summer months. They love a humid dappled light environment in the winter months in SE QLD. If you want to plant your screening bamboos in a full sun year round site that gets strong winds it is hard to go past Gracilis [Slender Weavers] bamboo is a proven winner in Brisbane.

Love thy neighbours

Do you have neighbours that you love to hear and see every day? Maybe you need a green bamboo screen to keep the romance happening with those delightful neighbours.

You cannot build a wall 4 meters high or a fence. The local laws will not allow it and the cost of construction is very very expensive. Planting the right type of erect bamboos as a screen on your border is the smart bamboo alternative.

Smart bamboos

Smart bamboos are also suitable for those situations where you need an instant screen in a narrow bed or in pots on your deck by the pool for privacy on those hot summer SE Queensland afternoons.

Quality bamboo plants

We can supply and deliver healthy bamboo plants all year round for Brisbane and south east Queensland. If you need more info just follow the links on this site. If you need to talk to BambooMan call me on 07 49 46 17 90