Smart Bamboo in Pots

How to use Smart bamboo plants in pots to create a smart bamboo screen

1. Use squat pots with this profile, so that when they need repotting they are easy to remove. Low profile pots also retain more water, a must do when caring for bamboo. The bigger the pot the happier the bamboo.

2. Always use a quality potting mix that holds water and has good drainage. Potting mixes that have 30% coco peat are good for growing bamboo in.

3. Creating tall bamboo plants in pots. You will need the largest squat pots you can afford so that they do not tip over in a storm.

4. The best way to have bamboo in pots is to create a smart bamboo plant. By using a few smart bamboo sticks (culms) complete with rhizome

Photo of Thai Silk sticks (culms) with rhizome

You can then created a smart bamboo plant that is the height and form that you want.

Photo of Thai Beauty Smart Bamboo triple sticks in pots

Why use smart bamboo sticks (culms) in pots or troughs to create a screen

  1. The cost of freighting fresh bamboo sticks [culms] with rhizome attached in spring or early summer is much cheaper than shipping tall bamboo plants in pots. We ship them as a bundle of sticks treated and cling rapped so they lose no moisture.
  2. You can buy bamboo sticks [culms] to the height that you need and pot them up into what ever form you wish. It takes only 2 months in a sunny warm humid environment for them to be covered in soft lush foliage. In cooler subtropical zones it will take longer.
  3. We can also supply single smart bamboo sticks (culms) in a more advanced form bagged up and rooted into coco peat with fresh foliage growing on them. Or you can buy our finished product in big bags ready to create the instant bamboo screen to 4 meters. They cost much more to ship in this form.
35 lt bags 4meters tall $220.00 each

Watering and feeding you smart bamboos in pots

Set up an auto irrigation system that way they will still get watered when you are away. Feed them in early spring and early summer with a slow release high nitrogen lawn fertiliser.

When they need more care send me a few photos and I will give personal advice. Remember, smart bamboos are only as smart as the gardener who cares for them.