South Kalimantan (Bambusa Luteostriata)

South Kalimantan, Bambusa - Luteostriata bamboo plant
South Kalimantan, Bambusa - Luteostriata bamboo plant

South Kalimantan Information:

South Kalimantan (Bambusa Luteostriata) is a beautiful garden bamboo. Tight clumping with weeping culms. White striated leaves. Makes a very lush tropical screen or hedge .New shoots are purple and white and green. When planted out by its self it forms a mushroom shape clump. A winner.

Bamboo Plant Information:

  • Average Height : 7 m
  • Culm Diameter : 3 cm’s
  • Min Temp : 0 C
  • Price : $22.00, 200mm Pot, Bare Rooted or Rhizone.

Buy Slender Weavers Bamboo – Bambusa Textilis variation Gracilis

gracilis slender weaver
gracilis slender weaver

Gracilis Bamboo Plant Information

Bambusa textilis Gracilis is the most popular and the best for hedging. It also know as Slender Weavers Bamboo or just Gracilis bamboo.

It is the best for screening in a narrow bed. It is very erect and gracefull and has lush green folige and is very tight clumping.

Bambusa textilis Gracilis has the classic bamboo look. It tolerates temperatures as low as -12c and will grow in most environments Australian wide.

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Statistics for Gracilis Bamboo

  • Average Height : 6 m
  • Culm Diameter : 2 cm’s
  • Min Temp : -12 C

Bamboo Textilis Gracilis privacy

Bamboo Textilis Gracilis garden

Malay Dwarf (Bambusa Heterostachya variegated)

Malay Dwarf
Malay Dwarf

Malay Dwarf Information:

The Malay Dwarf bamboo ( Bambusa Heterostachya variegated ) is very dense and bushy . It is pale pastel green in colour with white varigations. This Bamboo is the most popular hedging and screening Bamboo in Queensland. It is drought tolerant once established. This plant is very easily trimmed as a hedge.

Bamboo Plant Information:

  • Average Height : 3 m
  • Culm Diameter : 2 cm’s
  • Min Temp : -2 C
  • Price : $ 22.00, 200mm Pot, Bare Rooted or Rhizone
  • Price : $55.00, 20lt bags

Gold Stripe Bamboo (Bambusa Multiplexes)

gold stripe bamboo

Gold Stripe Bamboo

Gold Stripe Bamboo

Gold Stripe Bamboo Information:

The Gold Stripe Bamboo (Bambusa Multiplexes) is a variety of multiplexes is the most erect of all this species. A very good hedge and screening bamboo. suitable for small property’s.

Bamboo Plant Information:

  • Avg-Height : 5m
  • Culm Dia. : 80cm
  • Min Temp : -4C
  • Price (includes GST) : $33.00, 200mm Pot, Bare Rooted or Rhizone