Nana Decorus

Bamboo for Screening

Bambusa nana decorus

Bambusa nana decorus
A young nana decorus clump showing its soft silky foliage

Nana decorus is one of the many varieties of bambusa nana and is very similar in form to thai silk bamboo.

This variety is a stunning bamboo that has very sweet shoots to eat and its useful poles have many uses.

Bambusa nana decorus
3 x 2 metre long sticks (culms) of nana decorus with rhizome

The most popular use in thailand is creating a instant smart bamboo screen using individual sticks (culms) with rhizome attached.

They can be supplied from 1meter to 4 meters tall by bamboo Whitsunday. From spring to mid summer.

They are shipped as a treated and sealed bundle of sticks (culms) with rhizome. You pot them up or plant them out into their bed on arrival. They like a warm humid sunny site. To grow new roots and new foliage.

Customers will receive a planting and caring guide with there smart bamboos

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